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Goat Milk Soaps

Goat Milk Soaps hand crafted by Barb Welch

My journey as a Soap Make

 I began my journey making soap while I was living on an Ohio farm.  I enjoyed  attending fairs and festivals all over the state for my husband's wood art business.  I met several people whom I admired for their unique Artistry and Craft Skills.  I camped out in Motel's and campgrounds in Ohio and Indiana. I met a lady soaper whom I admired and wanted her to show me how to make soap but our schedules never allowed for it.  I decided not to let that stop me so I went to the library and read books. Eventually leading me to other resources for learning tools such as facebook and youtube.

      Things changed for me there on that farm, I didn't know it was the beginning of a new journey with Spirit led dreams and visions and a few curves along the way.  My love for animals has been with me all my life but I moved to the edge of the city and bought some chickens because there was a nice coup already there;  I had read the books and gee I have gotten Mother Earth News since I was 18.  I had a favorite "Chicken George"  always greeting me at the door for food.  Then when I met those goats one by one they gave me a gift of the true meaning of farming.   I found life changing circumstances of which I had no control.  I moved home to Anderson Indiana to that tiny 1/4 acre lot on the edge of town with a few chickens and couple goats. 

     It was only six months later that I was diagnosed with a brain tumor.  I was OK with it as as my faith was strong and I was told it would be alright.  I continued to care for my animals until surgery and my very dear friend David Newman took over this task however, it seemed to me that, "this was to much to ask a friend to do": Thus, I sold my animals.

As time kept moving I found myself making goat milk soap with freezing the milk I was able practice and experiment for 4 years.   

     I have perfected my own recipes and soaps that are all natural and I often use Organic ingredients when the price drops are available.  

Each Batch made small and cut by hand.  


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